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Ab Wheel Roller

This abdominal wheel is an effective tool for your core strength. This will not only help you improve your AB and lower back strength, but also decrease your risk of muscle injury.


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Want To Strengthen Your Abdominal Muscles?

Ab rollers are a great option to those of us who don’t have the time or money for the gym and still want to get an ab workout in. They will strengthen not only your abs, but also your shoulders, arms, and back.


  • Builds and strengthens the abdominals

  • Entire core must work during this exercise

  • Different stimulus from more traditional moves such as the crunch and reverse crunch

  • Can be done with inexpensive equipment at home


Ab Wheel Roller

All levels of fitness, from beginner to advanced

Ultra light and easy to assemble, allowing you to achieve your fitness goal wherever you are. No matter at home or at the gym, start your WODs anytime

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Our AB wheel is made of high quality hard plastic and steel for durability, safety and load capacity. Unlike other plastic wheel surfaces, our wheel surface was made of high density rubber, which will not damage the floor.